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12 Desk Must-Haves for a Thoughtful Career

12 Desk Must-Haves for a Thoughtful Career

The back-to-school season has me all heart-eyed over shopping for desk supplies and all things organization. I loved going shopping when I was younger for new notebooks, backpacks and the perfect pencil box for my desk, so naturally as an adult I feel just as called to this time of year!

Just because we are grown women with careers, resonsibilties, college loan payments and probably ridiculously high rent to pay, doesn’t mean our hearts still can’t flutter when we see cute new notebooks ready for our ideas. I’m here to say that A FRESH NOTEBOOK AND A NEW PEN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I believe that and so don’t the 85 fresh notebooks that are sitting in my office just waiting for the new idea that will change the world!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite desk and office must-haves to keep you motivated, excited and help you live your most thoughtful and purposeful career. Let me know what you think!

  • I LOVE a good backpack and am more in love with them now that I’m not carrying three textbooks and four notebooks in it everyday. I love my classic Jansport, but I also love this Lilly Pulitzer for a little sunshine and I’ve read great reviews about TUMI backpacks (definitely an investment, but I’ve heard they’re worth it).

  • The bright colors and the message behind Team Simplified make me a fan of anything they sell. I have a weekly Simplified Planner and I love it so much. There’s space for me to write my work to-do’s and the things I need to get done at home. I also love these fun coffee cup and pineapple paper clips. Plus if you buy through this link you’ll get $10 off your purchase!

  • I love a good Five Star notebook. When I was younger I always thought they were definitely the splurge item on our list when at Walmart. This one-subject’s design is sooo cute, but I’m also a big fan of the classic sleekness of a plain black five-subject notebook.

  • In my desk I don’t use typical organizers because I feel constricted with them, so I use cups and cute trinket trays instead. These ‘dream pig’ and ‘girl boss’ mugs would be perfect to hold your pens or to keep around for that afternoon pick-me-up at the communal keurig. Evelyn Henson also has the cutest greeting cards to stow in your desk for when you need to send a quick ‘thank you.’

  • As a calligrapher, writer, note-taker, doodler and planner I have met many-a good pen in my days and I thought I’d rank my absolute favorites in case you’re looking for a new one to jump start your creativity or motivation.

    • Bic Cristal ballpoint pens in black - These are forever my favorite from my days of high school History. There’s something about them that let my creative juices flow.

    • Paper Mate Flair felt pens in black - I would buy stock in these pens if I could. They’re my go-to for calligraphy, but also my favorite for anything I want to feel more permanent about - goals, ideas, strategies … etc.

    • Pentel Energel pens - When I was in college I worked in an Admissions office and wrote a lot of thank you notes to high schools and students and these pens in our signature purple were so fun. They glide really well on the paper too.

    • Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils - I am a mechanical pencil gal through and through. I'm never near a pencil sharpener and I just like the feel of them better than a regular pencil. These coupled with a pink eraser are a dream!

Do you have a must-have supply for your desk that I didn’t list or a favorite backpack? Please share in the comments or join the conversation on Instagram!

Thoughtfully yours,

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