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Intentional Goal Setting with PowerSheets | PART 1

Intentional Goal Setting with PowerSheets | PART 1

Something I love about careers is that everyone’s journey is different. Your career growth is different from your colleagues’, which is different from mine, which is different from my boss’ and on and on….

In early 2017 I found myself seven months into a position that I knew I needed to leave. I felt exhausted every morning before stepping foot into my office and was yearning for a better fit.

Knowing that I needed a life-altering change, I took a leap and bought a set of 6-month PowerSheets on sale from the Cultivate What Matters team. This intentional goal planner helped me release my thoughts, worries, anxieties and concerns with that position and my potential job search, while also channeling that energy into useful and achievable goals that would help my search.

By the grace of God and the strategic steps I took through my PowerSheets, I was able to leave that job and accept my current position in South Carolina, but I wanted to share with you the features of the PowerSheets that most helped me transition into a new career position.

  1. The Cultivate What Matters team is very purposeful in the exercises they place within the preparatory parts of the PowerSheets. Something I found most helpful when completing these parts (as they serve as the ultimate catalyst for writing goals), was being open and vulnerable in what I was frustrated with, what I enjoyed, what was weighing on my heart, and how I felt I need to overcome those experiences to ultimately change my career situation.

  2. The most practical part of PowerSheets is the Tending List portion - it’s also my favorite part! You have space to write encouraging words and break down your big overarching goals (e.g. find a new job or gain clarity in profession choice) to monthly, weekly and daily goals (e.g. apply to a new job every week or contact four reference options). This space lets you really break down your goal into tangible steps that can make it happen.

  3. Something that helped tremendously for me to take action on my monthly, weekly and daily goals was keeping my tending list page open on my kitchen table every day. I was able to look at it each morning and evening to tend the list and show progress on items I’ve worked on. Also, it helped frame my mindset - with that encouraging word - but also remind me of what I should be doing during my free time to help reach those greater goals.

  4. At the end of each month, there’s a section to express gratitude for the progress made as well as what you’ve learned. This area I like especially because it helps put it in perspective and allows you to truly recognize that small steps add up, even when we want things to happen quickly in our lives.

2017 PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters

This tending list is from July 2017, when I was at my most desperate part of the job search (the education world is in a cycle, so if you don’t have a job by a certain point it’s best to stop the search and start again in 8 months when the school year is close to ending). The Cultivate What Matters team edits, changes and transforms the PowerSheets each year for the next set (2020 PowerSheets arrive Oct. 16 at 10 a.m.), so these are a little different from what they look like now, but the intention behind the goal setting is still the same.

Check back later this month for a post about using PowerSheets for your career, even when you’re embracing your current season.

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