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Monthly Inspiration: July 2019

Monthly Inspiration: July 2019

June went by in a flash. Does anyone else feel that way? I can’t believe we’re a third of the way through summer and already halfway through 2019. It feels like yesterday I selected GRACE as my word of the year and established hopes and dreams for what this year would bring.

I just got back from a week-long vacation at home in New York visiting family and celebrating my college reunion. It was so surreal to be back on campus and connecting with friends and staff members who were so influential to my time in college. While the introvert side of me wanted to back out at the last minute, I’m so glad I went! I encourage you too to attend your high school or college reunion the next time you can!

Here are some inspirational articles and items I’ve found that are keeping me motivated through July!

  • Summer always means my anxiety is on high alert and I feel like that is because of this internal expectation of the start of something new (especially from my days in school). I really enjoyed reading this blog post on Carly the Prepster about making big decisions. Career decisions are big decisions and I feel like this is a great post for reflecting on what’s coming next.

  • This article from The Everygirl practically YELLED AT ME when I was scrolling through their site. As a career-oriented introvert, I’m always looking and planning for what’s next. Their tips, especially number two, are what I need as I push through the last half of this year!

  • A colleague of mine just got back from a week-long trip to the U.K. with a friend and she was telling me all about the company she went with: Contiki Travel. She said she had such a great experience on the trip and the fact that the company plans your excursions, it takes the stress out of taking a vacation abroad! I especially have my eye on the Greek Island Hopping, European Horizon and Reefs and Rainforests trips.

  • I’ve never pre-ordered a book before in my life and have never purchased one during release week (except the last Harry Potter book for my sister), but I clicked PRE-ORDER so quickly on Emily Ley’s new book, When Less Becomes More: Making Space for Slow, Simple and Good. Her first book, Grace not Perfection, completely changed the way I look at my life and my career, so I’m super pumped to receive her newest writing in November!

  • The next several months are pretty busy with work, so our next vacation will actually be a stay-cation. I’m really trying to re-think the way I look at staying in town and how I can make the most out of it. **Share any tips or suggestions you have for planning an epic stay-cation in the comments below, I’d so appreciate it!

  • Are you a member of a Book Club? The co-working space in our city is starting a book club for creatives and entrepreneurs and I’m REALLY thinking about joining (if I wasn’t about to enter my busiest work season and start another class in September, I would have already signed up). They are definitely all the rage with Reese Witherspoon, Jenna Bush Hager, of course Oprah, and so many others curating their own Book Clubs. Maybe after October, I’ll jump on the bandwagon, or maybe its just the thing I need to network and connect with others!

There you have it, some of the things I’m loving for the month of July. What’s motivating you this month? Let me know in the comments or send me a message through Instagram!

Thoughtfully yours,

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