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7 Sections to Include on Your Resume

7 Sections to Include on Your Resume

Your resume is your experience summed up with a neat little bow on top. This is what you lead with when applying to a job, joining a committee or just looking to network a little more around your city.

It is very much a GATEWAY TO YOUR FUTURE!

Because of how important your resume is, I wanted to share with you the seven sections that I believe you need to include every time.

  1. College degree and notable accomplishments - Many positions require a specific degree, so make sure you show that. It can also open the door for a connection between you and a potential new coworker. Also, if you had a VERY high GPA or studied abroad for a semester, include that too. It shows that you’ve worked hard and experienced new things. Be sure to add in any Latin honors you received at graduation as well.

  2. Each position you’ve held in reverse chronological order - This one is obvious, but your resume shows your positions, which are why you’re qualified for the job. Include how long you’ve been there and if you’ve gotten a few promotions during your time, include those titles and dates as well. TIP: Don’t use technical titles like, Information Coordinator II, use your every-day title like, Social Media Coordinator, instead.

  3. Relevant job tasks listed first under the position title - This one is really important and why it’s necessary to update your resume for every job you apply to. What tasks were important in a customer service-based job won’t be as important if you’re doing inventory or internal marketing. So, you want to make sure you move your tasks around with those most associated with the job you’re applying to at the top.

  4. Your volunteer and community experiences - Businesses want to hire individuals who have commitments outside of work that also make their business look good. If you’re involved in committees or volunteer with organizations, that shows that you’re committed to the community, have a love for serving others, and also have the ability to share your experience as an employee, which provides the business with great pr.

  5. Professional committees - This is a good one if you have it for your resume. If you serve on any board of directors or association committees, include those and the major tasks associated with your position. This shows your devotion to the field you’re working in and that this position isn’t a ‘just because,’ thing, but really a calling for you.

  6. Proud education or career accomplishments - If you have received recognition or awards for your work, DO NOT leave them off you’re resume. If you were awarded employee of the month, outstanding new professional, or if you have accomplishments from college that are meaningful, add them to your resume. You may want to include a sentence-long explanation of the award, but that helps drive home the fact that you’d make a good addition to their team. For me, I always include that I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious honor society for colleges and universities, because it is something that is well-understood in my field, but also brings great pride from fellow PBKs.

  7. Your personality - Please promise me that you won’t have a cookie-cutter resume. You want to catch everyone’s eye when they see you’re resume, so be sure to make it interesting and nice to look at. Connect your heading and script between your resume, cover letter and list of references so they all form a cohesive bunch!

There you go! The 7 must-have sections to include in your resume. Want help crafting your resume or reworking it to make it flow better? Send me an email and we can work on it together to create a career lettered in the sky!

Thoughtfully yours,

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