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Inspiration to Knock Out Imposter Syndrome

Inspiration to Knock Out Imposter Syndrome

Growing in your career is something we all strive for - promotions, raises, new titles and added responsibility. Every so often though, imposter syndrome sets in to make us second-guess where we are in our career. It’s that feeling that we don’t belong where we are or that we don’t have the right experience to be in our position.

The hardest part about imposter syndrome is that it sets in quickly, without any warning and often stays around awhile. Because of this, it can be difficult to shift things around and regain your confidence. What I’ve found to be helpful when I feel imposter syndrome creeping in is seeing how successful women have overcome adversity and shined through their doubts. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below!

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, has a really great TED talk about how she overcame the fear of not living up to the expectations that Eat, Pray, Love had brought to her writing. It’s just a really good listen about creativity, overcoming failure and using it to define your success.

  • I have followed Jessica Sturdy with Bows & Sequins for years and love the honesty and realness she shares on her blog and her podcast, Along for the Ride. She has really great insight and I love her blog post about imposter syndrome, definitely worth a read!

  • I watched Hidden Figures this weekend, the story of three African American, female mathematicians who worked for NASA in the 1960’s, and my goodness … I stood in front of the TV the entire time because I was so caught up in the story and the perseverance of the women. It’s truly inspiring and worth it to watch if you have 2 hours to spare. These women overcame so many doubts and prejudices and did amazing things!

  • This video with New York Magazine is so great. They interview successful women across the entertainment industry about their experiences with imposter syndrome and how they’ve moved past it and channeled it into their success.

  • Jessica Bennett, the author of Feminist Fight Club, shares her ways to combat imposter syndrome in the workplace. I’m especially a fan of number 6!

  • Sometimes imposter syndrome sets in before we even get the job and it makes us take ourselves out of the equation. I’m loving these tips from the Everygirl about convincing ourselves to apply for a job, despite what the imposter within says.

Whenever imposter syndrome starts setting in, I always tell myself, “they hired me for a reason. I bring something to the table that no one else does and that is why I’m here.” While it doesn’t knock out every feeling, it certainly does a good job of reframing my thoughts and keeping me motivated and less discouraged!

Is there something you do when you feel imposter syndrome creeping in? Whatever you do, please know I’m rooting for you to have all the confidence and humbleness in the world to tackle every project!!

Thoughtfully yours,

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