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Monthly Inspiration: June 2019

Monthly Inspiration: June 2019

I can’t believe that May is over and June is here. 2019 is flying (in a high speed jet, btw) by and I’m so excited to be home in New York seeing my beautiful niece, visiting with friends at my college reunion and spending ALL THE TIME with my family!

Here’s what has inspired me this month:

The story of Cuyana’s co-founders’ start with the business and their families is really inspiring and interesting to read. It’s a long one, but with a quote like this, “I don't think balance exists. And I don't think it should be our goal,” it’s worth the read!

While my husband and I are gearing up for our road trip home to New York, we’re using my go-to packing essentials to make it a fun and relaxing road trip! I’ve been taking road trips since I was four and have amassed quite the preparation technique. Check it out if you’re planning some travel by car this summer!

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? - There are some really great words included in this post that are important to hear at any age. In high school my dad told me, “You’ve gotta look out for yourself because no one else is going to,“ pertaining to friend drama and it’s been my go-to every step of college and career.

When you find out you and a good friend/new coworker were at the same place at the same time before you knew each other. (P.S. I love TODAY.)

You all know that Work Party is on my reading radar, but this article about Jaclyn Johnson and how she started the Create & Cultivate brand is really thoughtful and eye-opening!

Great reminders here about what we should and should not talk about at work.

You are the driver in your career - no else will make those choices for you!

Did you know that Skillshare has a promotion going on where you can do 3 months of classes for only $0.99? That sounds like a great way to spend your summer months - investing in your education! They have photography lessons, jewelry making workshops, classes about project management and so much more to keep your brain stimulated and your career growing!

Those are some of my favorite things I’ve seen around the web in May and I hope they prove to inspire and entertain you this June! Make this month count towards your career goals - you’ll be happy you started today!

Thoughtfully yours,

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