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7 Soft Skills to Showcase on Your Résumé

7 Soft Skills to Showcase on Your Résumé

Hi friend! I’m so happy you’re here and ready to ramp up your resume for that next job or opportunity!

Resumes have truly evolved over the last ten or so years. They’re no longer just a place to write what you did in your day-to-day job, for example: answered telephones and scheduled appointments or delivered newspapers to area neighborhoods. Even if those are technically all you did, you want to convey those soft skills you developed each day at work.

This blog post is all about the 7 soft skills you need to be showcasing on your resume and why it’s important to do so.

1 - Verbal Communication - This is all about how you speak with others while in your job - customers, team members, employees you supervise, your bosses, contractors … etc. Written communication is something that is practiced from the moment we learn to write the alphabet, however interpersonal communication is rarely developed and critiqued. Because of that, you need to use the space in your resume to share that you communicate well with others in more ways than just email or memos.

2 - Teamwork - Working on projects, serving on committees, developing new strategy and overcoming obstacles in the workplace are not going to happen without the help and assistance of team members, so you need to showcase that you’ve worked with colleagues in more ways than just saying ‘hi,’ while walking down the hallway. The ability to collaborate with others is an essential function to most positions, so you want to highlight that in your resume.

3 - Time Management - How you prioritize and strategize your hours in a day is super important to a prospective employer. They want to know that you can work efficiently to get projects created and done in a timely fashion. Showcasing this on your resume can look like sharing timelines that you’ve completed projects within or that you strategically managed multiple tasks and projects on a daily basis.

4 - Self-Starter Attitude - Working independently is NECESSARY in work nowadays. Every employer, supervisor and colleague has a ton on their plate and doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to micromanage their employees. Sharing on your resume that you can take ideas, run with them and create new proposals without interference or a large amount of direction, is a great starting point for a job application.

5 - Creative Thinking - We are in a world where creativity is the name of the game for programs, proposals, marketing efforts, overcoming challenges and finding new collaborations for the office/company/business. How have you used creative thinking to solve a problem or develop new ideas? Mention that in your resume and go more in-depth in your cover letter if it’s mentioned extensively in the job description. Share how you’ve gone “outside the box” to make a proposal shine!

6 - Reliability - Reliability isn’t really a skill per se, however this is something employers are looking for more and more. They want to know before they take the time to interview you and hire you that you care about your work and that you’re reliable in terms of getting things done. They also want to know that if they offer you a job you won’t leave in a year because something ‘better’ came along. Within your resume you can showcase your connection with your previous companies or positions by the ways you got involved outside your daily tasks or worked to create connections and opportunities amongst staff to create a stronger sense of belonging.

7 - Positivity - A positive attitude goes a long way, especially in a place where you spend 7-10 hours every day. Employers are looking for people who can be positive and encourage their teammates when things are difficult or in need of improvement. We’ve all faced challenges before in our jobs and sharing how you’ve approached them in a positive way can make all the difference in your job search.

Employers are looking for these soft skills in every candidate they interview and consider for their positions. Including descriptions of these and how you showcase them in your positions is necessary to give yourself a level up in the candidate pool.

Are you wondering how to specifically showcase these talents on your resume? Send me an email so we can brainstorm ideas for your resume and job application!

Thoughtfully yours,

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