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DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away. I am in full gift-wrapping mode with gift exchanges, holiday parties and of course the big day coming up!

The purpose behind Lettered in the Sky is to bring the thoughtful and purposeful things to life -and this includes our gift-wrapping. While it is the spirit of giving that matters most, it doesn’t hurt to wrap it up with some cute designs to add to the love that’s shared!

Today I’m sharing three super easy DIY holiday gift wrap options for you to use in the coming days! Here’s what you need:

  • Brown kraft paper (can be found here and here)

  • Simple wrapping paper (used this buffalo check and this one is so cute)

  • Scissors and tape

  • Assorted ribbon and tags (you can find at any craft store)

  • Markers

Start by wrapping your gift in the brown kraft paper or the wrapping paper. Brown kraft paper is a really clean look that can be jazzed up easily!

DIY 1: Cut a few branches off your fake tree or the trimming around your house for a lively touch. I secured it with some Christmas-themed twine and added a small craft tag. This decoration takes limited time and money, while elevating your thoughtful gift to superb!

DIY 2: For a gift exchange at work, I got my colleague two gifts, so I used this fun Buffalo check wrapping paper for the bottom gift and placed the brown kraft paper-wrapped gift on top. To jazz it up some more, I added a fun gold and glittery ribbon with snowflakes around the top package. You can connect the two packages with double-sided tape so they don’t slide off or separate.

DIY 3: Did you really think I would have gift wrap without some calligraphy? It can add such an elegant and thoughtful touch without the need for a gift tag. I have an overview of how to do faux calligraphy on this past blog post. I also added some twine and fake trimming pieces to give it some extra pizaz and color! This took about 30 seconds, is far from perfect, but adds that thoughtful touch for any gift!

The simplest of items can be added to your gift wrap to take your thoughtful gift to the next level! Do you have any favorite gift-wrapping techniques? Be sure to share in the comments below and if you try these on your own gifts, tag @lettered.in.the.sky in the photo so I can check them out too! Happy wrapping!!

Thoughtfully yours,

Word of 2019: GRACE

Word of 2019: GRACE

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